Fibromyalgia means “muscle and connective tissue pain”. A diagnosis of Fibromyalgia essentially means that a person has a collection of symptoms due to a systemic failure of unknown origin. In other words, the system is not working correctly and medicine does not know the root cause. We are saying that the root causes are, dehydration, protein deficiency and infection. These are the root causes of many other chronic conditions besides Fibromyalgia. Therefore the use of our Fibromyalgia kit should not be limited to Fibromyalgia, but can be used with all conditions of chronic illness, or even just with the person who would like to do a general detox and systemic tune-up.

Please keep in mind that not all supplements are created equal, you cannot judge them by either their price, brand name or their literature. We have tested many supplements at Supernutrient and use only the ones that test effective and not harmful. This does not mean that if you take them you will not experience immune symptoms, if your body is harboring infection and your immune system becomes enabled, then it will cause all kinds of immune activation signs (such as inflammation) according to the character, location, and severity of the infection.

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