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Swelling in tissues noticeably reduced;

Mon Jul 14 16:18:38 EDT 2008

Update: Still on red zone diet. Swelling in tissues noticeably reduced; hands, around the middle. Could easily fall asleep any time of day, so fatigued. Hot flashes have lessened in intensity. Still yeast infection in arm pits—hard to keep dry in the hot weather.

Deidre S


the GERDS is under control and my last endocopy showed the stomach to be clean and the esophagus healing very well

Sat May 24 21:45:25 EDT 2008

An update on how I am doing. The GERDS is under control and my last endoscopy showed the stomach to be clean and the esophagus healing very well with only a few small areas of rawness. No vomiting in 5 months and almost no acid reflux. Yeah!!!!!!

Fibromyalgia pain is greatly subsided and I have a lot more energy and am even exercising daily in the pool and walking in the bush.

My diet is mainly the red zone although I do slip in some of the yellow and green foods and monitor them for reactions. However, I am not losing any weight; in fact, I have gained 6 kg (15 lb)! Any ideas other than muscle mass increase? I know I have a very sluggish metabolism which old age does not help.

Thanks for all you help and support,

Joanne C


Kari’s update & protocol

March 3, 2008 5:10:30 PM

Hi Eve,

I am so thankful I was able to talk with you and Dr. Vickery this morning! It really helped me. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all my questions and do all of that testing on me. I really appreciated it, and I know how busy you guys are!!

Okay, you wanted me to email you the things we discussed this morning.

I will add my protocol at the end of this email.

  1. I am going tomorrow to Dr. Lake for her to adjust my neck. I know she should not do my back. I have discovered that chiropractors adjust my back on the wrong side (on my back) and it makes the band pain a hundred times worse. Dr. Vickery said it is okay for her to adjust my hips but I won’t hold it. Dr. Lake has not yet learned how to do the Vickery method but she seems eager to learn and help me out.
  2. Dr. Vickery said I could ice my back.
  3. More hidden dislks—My mom can feel 3 smaller “bands” on my back: T3 or T4, T5, T6, and also there is a lower one too. I don’t know the exact vertebrae number.
  4. Lost more weight—I lost 2 more pounds from being on this Celiac diet. 82 pounds!!!!!! Not good!!!
  5. Bee pollen—My stomach is having a fit over the vitamins, causing terrible stomach pain and and nausea. Dr. Vickery explained that it was because I was so deficient. I asked Dr. Vickery if I should try bee pollen and he said to wait and see how I do on the water-soluble vitamin E.
  6. Dr. Vickery said to wear my orthotics all the time. They tested good.
  7. I tested good on the aqua vitamin E and we hope that it is the reason why I am still so down. Maybe this will be my answer to start absorbing nutrients and nutrition and maybe I can start handling fats and gain weight!!!! I will start with 1/4 t. in 3 oz. of water on an empty stomach as soon as it arrives!
  8. I tested good on the supplement called Triple Relief. It helps my pain greatly. I can’t believe I found something natural that helps my pain. It contains: Nexrutine Extract, Boswellia, Willow Bark Extract
  9. I am finally handling some salt water!!! Yea!!!! Granted, it is not much, but it is a start!! Dr. Vickery said that is also one of the keys of why I am so down.

I made a list of my problems that we still have to address.

  1. Vitamin and Mineral deficient: Sodium deficient—drink salt water; Vitamin E deficient—Aqua E
  2. Celiac disease
  3. Disk lesions causing several problems including malfunctioned diaphragm
  4. Rebuild my system

Kari’s Protocol
Supplement Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Bilex ⅓ tab ⅓ tab ⅓ tab
Platinum Plus 2 caps 1 cap 2 caps
Sea Aloe 1 cap 2 caps 1 cap
Mag. Cit. 1 cap 1 cap 2 caps
Probiotic (M, W, F) 1 cap    
Lecithin ¼ t.    
Vit. C ¼ t. ¼ t. ¼ t.
Vit. A   1 drop on tongue  
Flax Oil     1 cap
Multi-Vit (struggling with this one!)
Salt water (in every glass I drink-2 cups, I put a pinch of salt in)
Celery juice   3 oz.  
Form. 303 (4-6 tabs daily)
Triple Relief (for pain) 1 cap 1 cap 2 caps
*Aqua E (¼ t. on empty stomach)



Have completed the Sea Aloe Gold

February 29, 2008 4:48:16 PM

Dear Dr. Vickery,

Have completed the Sea Aloe Gold, etc. and all the remains is the vitamin C and A (continuing those). I’m not as fatigued as before starting this protocol in late January, nor sleepy during the day like I was during the protocol. Also, am at least one clothing size smaller.

The soreness in the lymph nodes in the chest is gone except for right below the arm pits in front. he one day a week that it is warm enough these days to sweat, though, still results in a burning rash in arm pits with some minor blistering. Any idea how long this will continue, or should I be put on further detoxing supplements? Or, will the PPEEA continue this process well enough?

I’m amazed at the improvement in the short amount of time! Thank you and God bless you!

D Shelden


Update since we talked by phone

Saturday, February 9, 2008 3:04:05 PM

Noticable progress is being made now 2.5 weeks into your newly prescribed rigorous protocol.

At first it was hard to get the zeolite going due to diarrhea, but after a week or so I was able to get up to 6 drops/day. During that time my thigh muscles were quite sore. I’ve had a few times when my gut seemed achy, but not bad. The tingling in my hands is now virtually gone. A few days ago it seemed to be the lymph-nodes just below the armpit were quite tender and even painful for a day. That was when I’d finally been able to progress up to 12 drops of the zeolite. Now am up to 15 drops/day. Still holding to the prescribed diet, though a week ago I think I accidently ate something with sugar in it, I discovered later. My spine is feeling even better, particularly my neck.

D Shelden