Fibromyalgia Update:
A New and Terrible Demon,

Part One of Two

It has been a little over a year since “Fibromyalgia: A Den of Demons.” was published.1 The results have been amazing. Doctors gave the article to their patients. Patients gtave it to their doctors. Doctors gave it to other doctors; their afflicted family members; health food stores and pharmacies have called us. Hundreds of doctors called us.

As a result of this activity and our website,, we now have the Vickery Fibromyalgia Protocol2 in active treatment on every continent in the world. It is, without a doubt, the most successful treatment extant today, and should remain so. It addresses and identifies the causes, which are nutritional, and provides the missing nutrients in adequate amounts and bioavailability.

There are three parts to this discussion:

  • A brief recap of the “Demons” of fibromyalgia.
  • The new demon’s face and identity.
  • The successful treatment and some case histories doing battle with the newest demon.

The Demons of Fibromyalgia

The first demon is protein deficiency. Not from lack in the diet but from utilization/digestion/transportation lack. This results in enzyme deficiencies from the pancreas right down to the mitochondria, DNA, and RNA.

The second demon is sulfur deficiency. The scientific world is now aware of this deficiency, but still does not handle it properly. They are not aware of the first demon, which is the cause of the sulfur deficiency. The amino acids provide protein carrier complexes to the cells for calcium, phosphorus, and SULFUR, as well as other minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids. We now have multitudes of case histories where patients had been taking MSM sulfur and not getting it into their bodies. The same is true of most of the other vitamins, minerals and even fatty acids.

The third demon is degenerative disk disease. Sometimes, this is visible even on an X-ray, but many FM persons have had MRI, CT, and myelograms, and it has still gone undetected. The disks are breaking down and are sending volleys of unwanted impulses to the spinal cord and brain. It’s been proven in research that the brain resembles a traffic circle in LA during rush hour. One of the reasons that we easily diagnose this is our development of the BEV Tests3 in 1986.

The fourth demon includes metals and other chemical toxins (PAH, PCB, etc.). Originally, we listed mercury ( silver amalgam) as the major culprit, because that is what we found. But, as we are now testing people form all geographic regions, lead, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum, and combinations of these, are regularly found.

The fifth demon is the virus (actually, infections). Besides one or more viruses, there can often be found evidence of yeasts, bacterial infections, etc. Some unfortunates are found to have viruses, Lyme Disease, Candida, and strep. This fact prompted the titles about fibromyalgia, since they are literally a den of demons. Epstein-Carr was mentioned primarily, in our earlier investigations; but, now, herpes, cytomegalo, coxsackie, influenza, etc., are also found as the primary virus in fibromyalgia cases.

Many of the histories of our FM patients clearly prove that touted remedies such as echinacea, ginseng, and mushrooms for the immune system are ineffective at their stages of degeneration.

It is at this fifth demon that we have discovered a new and terrible threat to the health of the FM victims, and, even, their very lives. This is HCV, hepatitis C.4 The threat goes way beyond this condition (FM) and will affect every race, every continent, all of the World’s population. It is predicted to be much worse than the AIDS virus and has been called “The Silent Epidemic”.

Hepatitis C (HCV)

The World of the Virus: Viruses5 are found in all life forms, humans, animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria. A virus consists of genetic material, either deoxyribonucleic acid(DNA) or ribonucleic acid(RNA), surrounded by a protective protein coating, called a capsid, which may have a lipid envelope. From the largest pox virus of 450 nanometers (0.000014 in.) to the polio viruses, the smallest, which are 30 nanometers long (0.000001 in.), they are about 20–100 times smaller than a bacteria. Considered not to be free living, they do not produce outside of a host cell, which is used for replication. The entered cell is damaged or killed in the process. While there is fantastic progress, and massive efforts are being made at an exponential rate, there is no drug cure for viruses, particularly retroviruses.

Viral contact with the host cell (example HIV) takes place when the outer viral structure docks with a specific molecule on the surface of the cell’s surface (a glycoprotein called gp 120 on the HIV with the CD4 molecule on the T lymphocyte). All cells do not have CD4 receptors.

Crossing the cell membrane is accomplished by: fusing the lipid envelope and releasing the nucleocapsid into the cell’s cytoplasm: Endocytosed or enveloped by a section of the cell’s membrane, which forms a small bubble, called an endosome, which can change the shape of the virus’s proteins and, by fusion (or lysis), break apart the endosome wall, allowing the nucleocapsid to enter the cell.

Having reached the inside, the virus sets up its replication, using the host’s materials. Viral genes first direct the production of enzymes (protein) to copy the viral genome, using the host’s machinery. Using viral and cellular components, the replications can number in the thousands. Lastle, the proteins for nucleocapsids are assembled to launch the next wave of assaults on the host organism.

Retroviruses have RNA that is transcribed into DNA by the enzyme reverse transcriptase. This is the reverse of the usual transfer of genetic material, which is DNA to RNA. The DNA form of the retrovirus is integrated into the host cell DNA and called a provirus. Every time the host cell replicates itself, it replicates the viral genome, which is passed on through the daughter cells.

There are 6 genotypes of HCV6 with a, b, c, d, etc., subtypes. The same person may have a “mix” of the virus. Because of its ability to mutate, no vaccine is effective. The virus has been studied, and the functions of most of its parts identified.

The Sinister and Stealthy Impact of the Epidemic

Various estimates are given of 2–4 million cases in the US population with 200,000,000 Worldwide.7 In our opinion, it is easily more like 20–30 million cases. (This will be explained later in Part Two.)

Hepatitis C is the leading cause of liver transplants and, perhaps, hepatic carcinoma. HCC. Persons afflicted may not be diagnosed until cirrhosis has compromised liver functions. They may have presented only mild symptoms and fatigue which is usually not identified. Drawing #2 says it succinctly.

The Natural History of HCV Infection

The stealth of the disease, besides being responsible for the silent progress it makes in the liver, also allows it to reside in other tissues outside the liver. I spoke with a doctor who is an internationally renowned specialist in infectious diseases; and, when I asked him what he did when he uncovered a case, he said, “I refer them to a hepatologist.” The larger population of the scientific community is doing the same thing—only looking at the liver.

Our findings have been that it can be anywhere in the body, and has been found in a high percentage of our fibromyalgia patients since we first began testing for it, about a year ago. Very often, these are the worst cases. For some time, I thought that I was alone in my observations; but there are some very prestigious doctors who have done research that verifies our findings and reveals even more conditions that are well documented. As you will see, more of the symptoms of fibromyalgia have different causes, even though science, as a whole, has NOT caught on, yet, that viruses are a part of the FM entity.

Sanjiv Chopra, M.D., is editor-in-chief of Gastroenterology/Hepatology, and an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. He lists the findings of a study of 321 cases of HCV, in which 38% of the cases had extrahepatic symptoms or conditions directly related to the viral infection. This is extremely significant or should be to ANYONE that purports to treat ANY condition of the human body.

The Natural Successful Treatment and Illustrative Case History

The single, constant, common denominator in fibromyalgia is protein deficiency and sulfur deficiency. Most of the A, B, C, D, E, F deficiencies hang from those like the branches on a tree. The way we know is that, in practice, persons who could not afford all of the nutrients that they needed were given, as the top priority, a specific Essential Amino Acids formula, and we often observed Vitamin C, B, F, etc., deficiencies disappear. Did that mean that their “tanks were full”? I don’t think so, but they were no longer “on empty”. Likewise, with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, etc. We observed this before the protein carriers were talked about, and we only vaguely understood what was happening.

When we added 200mg of MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), 50mg. of creatine, and 30mcg. of molybdenum, dramatic and awesome improvement of our original AA (amino acids), already highly effective, was observed in all kinds of cases. We patented the formula to announce it to the world, and maintain control, so that no kind of price-gouging could happen, such as occurred with glucosamine sulfate—which sold at up to $90.00 a bottle, and is another incomplete product.

A Case History

Fibromyalgia and Lupus
Nausea, pains from the waist up, no energy, unusual muscle soreness and stiffness of FM with most of major symptoms.
Previous ultrasound of organs negative, positive connective tissue disorder (lupus), 2/13/2000 RBC 4.30, MCV 33.3, Neutrophils 77, Rheumatoid Factor 1:160
Our exam 1/10/2001:
Pos. BEVL, BEVT, BEVC (complete spinal disk degeneration) protein, sulfur, Vitamins A, B, C, D, F, Calcium-deficiencies, Srtep, D5 upper spine, Hepatitis C D6, Liver GB Brain, upper spine, Candida D3 everywhere, Herpes simplex D8 everywhere, Staph. D5 Head teeth liver bowels, Measles D30 Brain, Silver Amalgam D6 Brain liver dorsal spine, Aluminum D6 Everywhere, Arsenic D6 Liver spine brain.

Placed on Vickery Protocol7


HCV improved to D100, Aluminum D30, Arsenic D30, Herpes S. D30, Staph. D15, Measles D15, Candida D15. Feeling Better. Treatment continued.


HCV D200 Marvelous improvement, Strep. D100, Candida D400, Herpes D30(teeth) Staph. D40 (teeth) Silver amalgam D400 (almost clera) Measles clear, Aluminum clear.

On 4/10/2001

patient reported feeling “Darned good!” and had planted 15 rosebuses-a previous impossibility. Next exam is scheduled in two weeks. The services of a holistic dentist may be required.

Conclusion of Part One

It took a new look at the heretofore unsolvable problems of Fibromyalgia and its “Demons”, and the revolutionary discovery of the great protein deficiency, to simplify FM. FM is actually a showcase for the new science of “reading the body” vs. reading the bodies’ specimens. These new kinesiological methods (The BEV Tests and the CCT Tests.9), for the first time, are used to support the claims in a patent that will change favorably the course of nutrition in disease treatment and prevention. Hepatitis C and other viruses can now be successfully treated without the risk of—sometimes fatal—autoimmune reactions.

It is one of my primary intentions to warn, alert, even alarm all health professionals that the spread of this HCV virus is on the rise, and that it is spreading by more routes than needle sticks and transfusions. And, that, every protein and sulfur deficient doctor (85%) is vulnerable to this wily, silent killer, as well.


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