Our Emma
Hello. I am Dr. Brice E. Vickery, inventor of Platinum Essential Amino Acids Pat 6,203,820. I had people in mind when I did this and it has worked out just fine for a long list of conditions such as fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia, degenerative disk disease, arthritis, depression, hair loss. Actually there is no end to the conditions that it helps as it answers an unknown need for protein metabolism correction. We have been so busy and had so much success with fibromyalgia one would think that that was enough. Well it wasn’t.

You see the protein sulfur deficiency that is the cause of this disease causes most other degenerative disease and the infections and toxic metals, PCBs, and toxic build-ups. Sulfur deficiency announces its presence through the pancreas. When digestive enzymes that are supposed to break down proteins, fats, and carbohydrates show deficient in our acupuncture test (The Vickery–Voll Test) it is 99.99% sure that amino acids are lacking! It may be another 20 years before mainstream health care finds this out because there is no test that they currently use that shows this. There is more hope that Holistic Vets will pick it up sooner. Some are already doing it, thank God!

Our Miss Emma was born on May 31st, 2002. My wife Marilyn’s birthday was coming up and—what do you get for the gal who has everything? She had told me about a litter of boxer puppies and I remembered our favorite dog. He was an 85 lb. male brindle boxer named Clay and we loved him to pieces. He lived three years beyond any of his brothers and sisters which we felt was his feeding and his getting our Vickery Essential Amino Acids™. My main regret is that we were in practice then and I could not spend the time that I wanted to with him.

We went over to see the pups at about 6 weeks. There were four mostly white, a fawn and a brindle, which seemed to be the runt and was sandwiched near the bottom by all of the others. We came back two weeks later and they were livelier and the brindle walked some distance to stick her nose up to the fence that contained two huge Rottweilers. It was as if she said “Hi, I’m Emma.” She also made up with Marilyn and that was that.

Two months later we took her for her second round of shots, it appeared to be uneventful. Two days after the shots while she was playing in the kitchen she suddenly collapsed. Her hind quarters had become paralyzed. Boxers are such strong dogs that when something like that happens they get a look that is hard to describe—between fear and embarrassment I guess. Two days in the hospital, all kinds of tests—the vet was stymied. We believed the trouble had come from her recent shots… the vet disagreed and recommended we put our Emma to sleep… We said “no way,” scooped up our pup, and went home. We ended up carrying her hind parts with a sheet while she walked on her front legs to perform her outside offices. The vet said that it did not come from the shot. I asked her if it was sub–dermal or intramuscular. It was the latter. (She had put the shot into the nerve) I asked her what was it from and she said it could be any number of things.

We took Emma home and performed some tests using kinesiology and calibrated homeopathic test kits. The tests showed that she had the measles virus in both sciatic nerves at the acute level. I called the vet. She again said there was no measles virus in there as far as she knew. We found out otherwise. We gave Emma human doses of Platinum Plus – 6 per day – and homeopathic measles in increasing potencies (up to 10,000 C) and 2–3000 mg of ascorbic acid every day. Her recovery readings were fantastic and she began to walk with some difficulty. Later I gave her some mugwort tea and yerba mate tea in her food.

Today she limps a little and sometimes sits with her left hind leg pointing up. We believe there is some sensory loss and very little motor weakness, because she can walk on her hind legs when we hold her front legs. She can run like the wind and absolutely loves to. It is an accomplishment that we share every single day. We share this with you knowing that every case will not be a “miracle” like our Emma’s but to show you that there are many things to try before you face the alternatives of drastic procedures such as hip replacement or euthanasia. We thank the Good Lord for Emma’s recovery and the knowledge that is available to us all.

Bigger picture of Emma

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