Back Pain Prevention

Important Information on Prevention of Backpain

The prevention of Back Pain is claimed by many types of disciplines and there is usually an element of truth and success for each of these. But none, repeat none has ever gotten it altogether into one provable method.

There is a lot to be said for constant exercise for so many of the body⁏s systems are benefited by that it should be a constant throughout life. It becomes progressively more injurious if there are deficiencies present. Decade by decade the damage accumulates not only in the spine but the cardiovascular, and even the osseous structures are effected.

In the Connecticut Holistic Chiropractic Offices, Dr. Brice E. Vickery demonstrated that the attaining of the individual’s Straight Posture was a part of the final restoration of his patients to full health whether there original complaint was Back Pain, Hypoglycemia, Fibromyalgia or Migraine headaches with or without TMJ. Dr. Vickery is listed in “Who’s Who In Medicine and Healthcare” 1999–2000.

Some of the most necessary nutrients THAT ARE ABSOLUTELY required to heal the injured, degenerated spinal disks are also necessary to maintain a Straight Posture! It has previously been mentioned that there are two basic causes of the disk’s breakdown: The nutrient deficiencies, and the mechanical compression of the disks unevenly. This is true also for the gliding joints of the vertebrae also. This is where the true prevention is practice.

Dr. Vickery in millions of observations concluded that the Category 1 Distortion is the basic distortion of the body (as viewed from front to back). This observation was originally made by Dr. Major DeJarnette, one of the bright lights in the healing arts. Dr. Vickery observes that the majority of the human race walks, lives, breathes with this distortion if not corrected. This is what it looks like:
Category 1 distortion of the spine.

Dr. Vickery with another first, lists 15 different reasons why this distortion returns and has determined a correction which is specific to each cause, yet mechanically similar in the appearance of the correction. The good news is that most of the causes are nutritional and that the re-occurrence of the Cat. 1 Distortion begins a hunt for the deficiency and it is eliminated. The first and most important is again protein, Cat. 1LP (for protein) The second is caused by Vitamin C complex deficiency : Cat1 L C etc. This is the foundation then not only for the prevention of Backpain but the new plane that is good health and PROVEN by maintaining correct posture. Not the other way around as some of the Chiropractors propose. They claim if they can straighten your spine mechanically that you will have good health. They haven't done it in a hundred years and without the necessary elements of nutrition and the neurological knowledge they won't do it in a million! (Dr. Vickery has offered a $1000 challenge for the last 15 years concerning the Cat 1. No one has ever accepted the challenge.)

A summary then for Backpain Prevention and Good Health:

  • Find a doctor who can determine these deficiencies and maintain your health and your posture. When all of your needs are maintained you may be able to stay straight for years without ANY need for correction. But, quarterly checkups help. Most people, feeling good, start to cut down on their Amino Acids or vitamins and are surprised when symptoms return and the doctor is capable of finding what they did! That is the REAL beginning.
  • Stay on the nutrition that healed you (with some adjustments) FOREVER!
  • Even ABC’s MD had the courage to admit that he has been wrong — ALL THESE YEARS and stated, “I’ve changed my mind — Today you need nutritional supplements!”
  • Exercise! First you will feel like it when you stay well, second it is important to keep your muscles toned relevant to what your physical goals are. The least is to be able to stand upright for 8 hours — The ultimate might be a marathon or weight lifting competition. That is the individual decision.