Hamsters are very small animals and they do not live long. Three and a half to four years is long lived for these little rodents. We got Starchie when he was a tiny baby and always took care that his diet was healthful, his cage clean and that he had the opportunity to exercise in a wheel (hamsters like to exercise by running for long periods of time at night in their wheel) At three and a half years of age we noticed that Starchie’s fur was thinning and he did not seem as vital as he used to. He continued to lose fur and he began to develop small sores on his belly. We tried all kinds of topical ointments and different foods but nothing worked. He became almost completely bald with dry patchy looking skin, which he scratched at constantly. He stopped wheeling at night and very rarely came out of his little cardboard house. I had taken Platinum Plus for two years myself with fantastic results, so I figured it may help Starchie a little. We put about 1/3 of a capsule each night on his dish of food. In about three weeks we noticed the sores were gone. After a month my son said “Mom, I think Starchie’s fur is growing back.” I said, “No, son, you must be mistaken.” But sure enough, Starchie had new fur coming in all over! In another month Starchie looked like a young hamster with a thick lustrous coat. He got his energy back and once again we heard the sound of his wheel creaking through the night. Starchie enjoyed this level of health for about three months, but then began to lose his fur and get sores again. This time I took him to a small rodent specialist and told him the same story I just told you. He said that Starchie’s symptoms were those of adrenal cancer. This cancer appears to be very common in small animals such as hamsters, ferrets and mice. In fact, he said that small animals such as these usually develop this cancer within the first two to three yeas of their life. He said what the amino acids had done was boosted the hamster’s immune system to the point where it over–rode the effects of the tumor and allowed Starchie to enjoy life, in spite of the cancer. Because the tumor kept growing, eventually it became to big for his system to handle and he became ill again. Because hamsters are to little to operate on, we had Starchie put down, but we knew that we had made his old age as good as possible with the help of Platinum Plus. Perhaps if we had started giving Starchie Platinum Plus when he was young, he wouldn’t have developed cancer in the first place.

Platinum Plus gave Starchie a miraculous remission, which allowed him to fully enjoy the rest of his old age. Give your older pet the gift of comfort and your younger one the gift of protection with Platinum Plus, it works!

Best Regards, Brice E. Vickery, D.C.

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