Fibromyalgia The Parameters

As usual, we suggest one use search engines on the Web. There you will find the amazing collection of observations and growing support for the independence of this diagnosis. Many well educated and brilliant minds around the world are getting together (The Copenhagen Fibromyalgia Symposium, for example) to study, evaluate, compare, and establish protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. Support groups are now available although it would appear that these support groups are only shoring up the psyche of the victims concerning the hopelessness of the current treatments.

Description of the Condition

One of the simplest, straightforward descriptions of this condition is contained in a new book just published. In his book, Enzymes, The Key To Health Dr. Howard F. Loomis describes Fibromyalgia, “Initially, fibromyalgia was believed to be a psychiatric disease. It is now widely accepted that fibromyalgia is an independent physical illness. You will find its symptoms are strikingly similar to those of bowel toxicity.” -- excerpt used with permission of the author.

Fibromyalgia (FM) is characterized by:
Musculoskeletal pain and aching
Disturbed sleeping patterns
Morning stiffness and local tenderness
Paraesthesias (feeling of numbness and tingling, restless legs)
Bowel and bladder disturbances
Subjective soft tissue swelling
Raynaud’s phenomenon
Rhinitis (sinus problems )
Bruxism (grinding of the teeth, especially when sleeping)
Refractory Allergies
Temperomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ)

Despite the symptoms, physical, laboratory, and radiological studies are often normal because advanced immunology tests are often not performed. Unlike rheumatoid arthritis, this connective tissue disorder is not associated with deformity or inflammation of the joints. Thus the diagnosis has been clinical rather than objective.

“The obvious remedy or magic bullet for many of these symptoms is aspirin, acetaminophen or other pain relievers. If over the counter drugs are not effective, then usually prescription pain relievers are used.”

This description is presented in its entirety, courtesy of Dr. Howard F. Loomis who along with Dr. Brice E. Vickery virtually stand alone in the understanding and solving the human digestive and nutritive failure as a cause of degeneration, infestation, and disease. Dr. Vickery however, has discovered similarities that are shared by the victims of this diagnosis which demonstrate a commonality of causes which prompts him to describe Fibromyalgia and the “Fibro Five≵ as a man made disease syndrome!

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The Diagnosis – The Unbelievable Diagnostic Criteria

In this day and age of organ transplants, bone marrow replacements, the ultimate diagnosis of Fibromyalgia rests upon: Pressing for tender points in areas known as trigger point areas and to establish the diagnosis 11 out of the 18 designated areas throughout four quarters of the body must be extremely tender to pressure.

Illustration of an anterior view of a woman with triggerpoints indicated with 
							bullets.  Illustration of the posterior view of a woman with trigger points indicated 
							with bullets.

These Two Pictures Show The Pressure Points!

This would or should be after a full work-up and many dollars (insurance dollars are your dollars) are spent to determine what you don’t have. This is not all bad because there are worse conditions that you don’t really want to have. You are then ultimately determined to have this condition by palpation (feeling) plus you are reporting, a group of symptoms from the section described in “Parameters”, and what you don’t have.

We have a condition, finally identified as an entity (of sorts) that defies the best of the best, in wisdom, education, and opportunity. Billions of dollars are available to these people who call themselves “scientific” “accredited” and are, the current state of the healing and pharmacologic sciences. This is the perfect place and time for this quote: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.” 1 Cor. 19 and “But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put a shame on the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty.” 1 Cor. 27. Could this be applied to the wealthy, well known, expense accounted doctors and scientists attending a meeting in a foreign country and coming up with eleven tender-points diagnosis?

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Herpes Simplex Virus

Picture of the Herpes virus.

The above picture shows two Herpes Simplex Virus particles emerging from a host cell’s nucleus into the surrounding cytoplasm.

Treatments Available

The unnatural healing arts (medicine) which predominately treat this condition have very little to “hang their hat on” having nothing to cut, remove, or any solid process to pursue. Therefore most of the treatments are anti inflammatory and sedative in nature as mentioned previously.

The natural healing arts are a more interesting and variable group. The “straight” group of Chiropractors will tend to “whump” you more often and for a very long period of time because they have to straighten your spine mechanically and and your spine being extremely tender is very, very resistant to responding. The “Mixer” Chiropractor has some added success because physiotherapy, nutrition and perhaps more judicious “whumping” is employed. Mostly the nutrition is shotgun in type and is not tailored to the individual.

The Natreopath does some very detailed laboratory analysis mostly from blood and serum, and urine, but may also use saliva and instruments such as electroacupuncture. A regime of herbal, nutritional etc. supplements is prescribed from the results of these tests. There may be much positive improvement if the proper nutrition is stumbled upon because here again the main answer is not in the blood!

The latter two are often experts in “detoxifying” the body and there is evidence of some chelation of injurious substances in the body. There are some humorous aspects to the detoxification methods. It is a legitimate goal to cleanse and restore the normal flora to the colon. It is another to concentrate on the colon every time the patient takes a backward step with expensive ($400) programs to make your bowel “whistling clean” when they in fact have little or no idea of how the body’s formidable ability to detoxify is activated or why it broke down in the first place. Read The Vickery Method

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The Vickery Method

The Vickery Method began twenty plus years ago and is both natural and holistic. This means that no toxic drugs are used and all the parameters of the human body are explored and identified. The individual’s body becomes readable just as the modern automobile is plugged into a computer and a hundred functions may be checked. The human body has a potential of four to five hundred points that can be “read”, primarily electrically, through expert muscle testing. Electroacupuncture, particularly EAV (Electro Acupuncture According to Voll) may also be used and played a great part.

The Vickery Method is the first to truly integrate the meaning of a straight posture with health. The Chiropractic and Osteopathic professions have paid lip service to straight posture for over a hundred years but until now have never delivered! Dr. Vickery has proven that an individual cannot have nutritional deficiencies, spinal disk degeneration, infections, emotional overloads, and have a straight posture! Conversely, Correcting these problems and manually correcting the human frame, a straight posture may last indefinitely! Furthermore the acupuncture meridians (circuits) are always off in the crooked person and no amount of needling sessions can correct this condition!

Illustration of the human skeleton.

If the symptoms of FM that are so mysterious to the learned doctors of medicine are examined, using kinesiological means, interesting discoveries are then possible. These findings and relationship have never been published as yet in any journal or scientific paper and it was decided to present them to the victims who can benefit immediately instead of the usual ten year route through academic channels. Many “me-tooers” will arise but remember that you were the first to read the multiple causes of FM at your best, maybe only, hope of reversing this process! April 9 th, 1999.

Let us now match up some of the causes and the effects, Fibromyalgia.

Musculoskeletal pain and aching
Disturbed sleeping patterns
Morning stiffness and local tenderness
Bowel and bladder disturbances
Subjective soft tissue swelling
Raynaud’s phenomenon
Bruxism and TMJ
Refractory allergies


  1. Protein ( amino acids ) deficiency resulting in enzyme deficiencies.
  2. Multiple spinal disk degeneration.
  3. Toxic bowel - ileocecal valve malfunction.
  4. Chronic viral infection - particularly Epstein Barr = chronic fatigue
  5. Tissues (including bones!) calcium low from lack of protein transport.
  6. Lack of proper neurotransmitters, insulin, thyroid, serotonin, glutathione, and sex hormones from improper amino acid metabolism.
  7. Lymph slowdown.
  8. Sinus infections, viral/bacterial/yeast/fungal.
  9. Other infections bacterial - (Lyme’s disease)
  10. Lack of Phase 1 and particularly Phase 11 detoxification mechanisms in the liver that allow heavy metals ( mercury is only one) to remain in the body. This is where the lack of sulfur results in removal failure and glutathione inadequate production.
  11. Mercury (or other heavy metal) poisoning.
  12. Sulfur deficiency.
  13. Altered body mechanics (crooked posture)
  14. Vitamin - mineral deficiencies.
  15. Essential Fatty Acids deficiency.
Summary of the most important findings that are always consistent:
Protein digestion/ utilization/ enzyme deficiencies. Because of this five or more minerals do not get into the tissues.
Sulfur deficiency.
Multiple Spinal Disk degeneration (throughout the spine)
These noxious stimuli irritate the spinal nerves (from the nerves inside the disks) causing tremendous discomfort before they ever reach the herniated disk stage.
Mercury poisoning ( stored in nerve plexuses and fatty tissues) not in the bowel!
Chronic viral infection (usually but not always the Epstein-Barr Virus) EBV. In the deadlier forms also the Herpes Family which attacks the nervous system.

A more specific diagnosis can now be made from these grouped findings without probing the 11 trigger points which will be positive!

It is now possible for anyone to perceive why Dr. Vickery calls this a manmade syndrome:
Man preserved, cooked, weakened or destroyed, the natural enzymes and proteins in our food making the individual amino acids unavailable in the proper sequence and amounts.
Filled the resulting carious teeth with a poisonous mercury compound that is convenient for the dentist but is able to destroy the recipient.
The weakened individual then becomes degenerated, toxic, infested and infected.
Brice E. Vickery, D.C. graduated from Lincoln Chiropractic College in 1951 and took post graduate work at Lincoln College and Spears Chiropractic Hospital. He has appeared on radio and television and has authored The Pocket T.S. line Manual, The Two-Edged Sword Diet as well as numerous magazine articles. He also served two terms on the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Chiropractic Association. He is a certified Applied Kinesiologist and has accreditation in Electroacupuncture according to Voll ( EAV ). He is listed in the 1999-2000 Who’s who in Medicine and Healthcare. After 50 years of practice most of which was in the CT Holistic Chiropractic Offices , he is now president of SuperNutrient Corporation, is a nutritional consultant, and teaches his methods in seminars (on DVD and VHS).