Sea Aloe Gold, Stealth Infections and Hypothyroid

Dr. Brice E. Vickery
©2007 SuperNutrient Corporation

I have run across a small number of cases of where our first indication was unrelenting pain/malfunction despite the fact that our Vickery FM Protocol was followed to the letter including the use of The Two–Edged Sword Diet which is now standard procedure in our Super FM Intensive Package. At first the common denominator was “root canal teeth” and staph aureus infestation without exception. This was easy since we looked at the mouth in our initial exam and may or may not have checked it again because when a patient is well why beat a “live horse!”

Then we found our problem patients had some findings of hypothyroid and abnormal TSH and low T3 T4 counts, they are anemic, borderline anemic or tend towards low iron, and these same people have a staph A infection in their thyroid, tonsils, sinus and teeth. Usually they will also have staph in their low spine, bladder and spleen. How about this? — today we found it also in the ICV and adrenals! Without going into details I must state that extraordinary means were required to identify and track these cases.

When a doctor sees high TSH low thyroid hormone, he usually prescribes thyroid hormone replacement therapy, however I have just finished treating a case where the person had a very high TSH (99) and was not making any thyroid hormone at all. This patient’s tests also showed anemia. Her doctor wanted to prescribe thyroid hormone. She had been taking 3 Sea Plant Minerals daily for some time. The doctor told her the kelp that had knocked her thyroid out, that some people were just highly allergic to it and that she should stop taking it. I found a hidden Staph A. infection in her thyroid and tonsils, low spine, bladder and spleen. She was referred to an endocrinologist who discovered with a sonogram evidence of thyroid inflammation and also recommended Synthroid therapy.

Because the staph A. bacteria competes for iron to replicate, the patient had become anemic. The enzyme needed to convert the inorganic iodide in kelp to the organic iodine usable by the thyroid has a cofactor of 1 molecule of iron. Without the iron the enzyme will not work. Without the organic iodine the thyroid will not make thyroid hormone. Without the amino acids also no thyroid hormone. The levels of thyroid hormone in the patient fell. The low hormone levels caused the TSH to rise higher and higher.

This patient had been taking a maintenance dosage of 4 Platinum Plus and three Vickery Sea Plant Minerals for some time. Now lore and observations about the dosage of iodine said this: iodine can restore the thyroid and iodine can stop the thyroid. Since we had long ago gone to the new 12– 14 mgs./day we were waiting for the legendary “shut down.” Sure enough after two years of incredible growth of our Vickery Sea Plant Minerals and Glyconutrients we got a couple! At the same time we identified the “stealth” Staph A infections. Individuals with unrelenting symptoms had SA in the affected joints. In most of the cases that involved infected teeth, we simply could not find a biological dentist who was up to the job. The alternative was to find a doctor who would provide a trial run of Keflex to at least prove the source of pain was infection. We succeeded twice with this method. The rest remained in limbo.

Remembering our original research on aloe, we went back to experiments that proved that in vitro aloe could tame the SA and even some strains of TB we decided to go to 9 Platinum Plus and 9 Sea Aloe Gold/day.

For the hypothyroid patient, I initiated 9 Platinum Plus, 9 Sea Aloe Gold and a dose of 18 mgs of ferrous gluconate to cure the anemia. The iron and PP cured the anemia, the aloe killed the staph infection and the thyroid enzyme was finally able to process iodine from iodide. Her TSH fell to 9 and her thyroid hormones normalized. The thyroiditis was gone. Her doctor decided not to put her on thyroid hormone. The staph infection no longer registers in this patient. She will stay on a dose of 4 PP and 3 Sea Aloe Gold indefinitely to prevent a recurrence. She will be retested in a few weeks to make sure that her TSH falls into the normal range.

Please note that this case and the others I am working with are all cases where protein deficiency is NOT an issue. All these patients take Platinum Plus routinely. In the case of protein deficiency the hypothyroid patient with anemia will also be calcium deficient and the iodide-converting enzyme in the thyroid also has a calcium co–factor. In my opinion this may be the reason that hypothyroid patients suffer from osteoporosis. A protein deficient person is also calcium deficient.

We now have theories for the first time in my long career about how the thyroid is “shut down” when the proper amounts of iodine are finally available. This is only in the persons with infectious agents. As stealthy as this mechanism is it could be half or more of the THR population. The normal inflammatory reaction temporarily puts the thyroid out of business and the patient is put on thyroid hormone replacement — NEVER to find out if they can restore function!

Secondly we are excited about our incredible indications of doing battle with Staph Aureus and not only beating it down but in some cases actually winning and removing it from the body. Our number of cases is less than 10 but even one is NEW TERRITORY.

Brice E. Vickery, D.C. graduated from Lincoln Chiropractic College in 1951 and took post graduate work at Lincoln College and Spears Chiropractic Hospital. He has appeared on radio and television and has authored The Pocket T.S. line Manual, The Two-Edged Sword Diet as well as numerous magazine articles. He also served two terms on the Board of Directors for the Connecticut Chiropractic Association. He is a certified Applied Kinesiologist and has accreditation in Electroacupuncture according to Voll ( EAV ). He is listed in the 1999-2000 Who’s who in Medicine and Healthcare. After 50 years of practice most of which was in the CT Holistic Chiropractic Offices , he is now president of SuperNutrient Corporation, is a nutritional consultant, and teaches his methods in seminars (on DVD and VHS).