How to Shop for Amino Acids:

Dr. Brice E. Vickery
©2007 SuperNutrient Corporation

1. Look for high quality, crystalline, free–form, amino acids (AAs)

Most amino acid blends on the market are actually reduced milk or soy proteins. These may contain small quantities of free form AAs but are mostly comprised of whole proteins and peptides. Proteins and peptides are AAs that are linked together in chains and must first be broken down into single AAs by the digestive process in order for the body to create usable systemic proteins. Free-form AAs are single amino acids, which need no digestion. They are, in essence, pre-digested and ready to form all the enzymes needed for optimal food digestion. When food is properly digested, the body will make all the substances it needs for excellent health. The primary culprit in many chronic disease conditions is insufficient digestion of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. This may start with symptoms such as nausea, bloating, burping, high cholesterol, or low or high blood sugars. Incomplete digestion leads to a severe lack of systemic protein, which weakens the immune system and culminates in disease. When whole proteins or partial proteins (peptides) remain undigested they will enter the system in an unusable state and float around causing problems (such as rashes, sinusitis and other allergic responses.) Free form AAs, on the other hand, can be used to create enzymes, hormones, muscle tissue, nervous tissue, etc. upon demand where and when the body needs them. So beware of that bottle of “Free Form Amino Acids” that you find in the health food store. One sure fire test: if it is not a pure white powder in capsules, it is surely a reduced soy or milk protein. Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids are the highest quality professional grade free form AAs, absolutely guaranteed.

2. Look for a properly balanced AA blend.

Even if the amino acids are pharmaceutical grade free-form AAs they will stop benefiting the body after a short period of time if they are not properly balanced. Most AA formulas on the market will stop being beneficial to the body after 3–6 months time. This is because of the way that AAs work in the body, if there is too little or too much of any one, all the rest of the AAs will be limited in there effectiveness due to the imbalance. Although you may feel significantly better for a while, an unbalanced AA blend will 1) not work indefinitely and 2) it will never have the balance needed to strengthen the immune system to the point where it can overcome disease. A perfectly balanced AA blend will allow the body to create exactly the right kind and right amount of enzymes to properly digest food so that it can be utilized to heal and maintain the body. Years of research and testing went into creating Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids. This testing proved that Platinum Plus strengthens and allows the immune system to overcome disease and heal the body from many disease states. This is due to the quality and balance of the AA blend.

3. Look for extra added sulfur and molybdenum to support the liver.

When the body begins to heal itself it starts getting rid of all the toxins, bacteria, viruses and metals that it has stored in the tissues. All these things must first run through the liver (the body’s poison filter) on their way out of the body. Sulfur (this is a natural element, not the same as sulfonamides which are the group of sulfa drugs to which many people are allergic) and molybdenum help flush the liver in a process called “phase two detoxification.” Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids have the extra sulfur and molybdenum to ensure the liver has the help it needs to remove toxins from the body.