Spiritual Health

When I retired from active practice, which I loved, I felt that I was just one doctor and no matter how effective I was the knowledge that I had gained and was gaining, was going to die with me. The knowledge increase did not stop in our “retirement” in Colorado, because it is hard to “keep your light under a basket” when you see people in dire need. It was during this time that we broke the shackles of Fibromyalgia and formulated our Platinum Plus, which is now patented in the US and three foreign countries. The Lord used and uses the “carrot and the donkey” method with me. He brings an endless barrage of heretofore-unsolvable questions (the carrot) and then the donkey (me), stumbles ahead into all sorts of answers. This donkey is like the talking donkey in Numbers 22:22-34 and I am still talking. He has preserved my life into the 80’s because I am a slow learner.

When I took on Fibromyalgia I found that people were so mentally scrambled that I thought, “these people cannot even pray effectually!” Since this is reversible I now think that Christians and non-Christians should have the opportunity not only to prevent this physical catastrophe (which we do every day) but to be reinforced in their Christian lives, or have the not-very-available benefits of righteousness through Christ guide them in their daily living. For instance as I write this the financial world is crumbling around our ears and every one is pointing up down and sideways never blaming the cardinal sin of GREED. “They” have convinced the vocal majority of the American people that God does not have a hand in the affairs of men that Katrina, Gustav, and Ike are just BAD LUCK.

Many Christians do not have a very clear idea of what happens and where you go when you die. This information is for saved and unsaved alike because a person should know if they are going to die once—or twice. The people that die twice are the ones that will be suffering through all eternity. This information (we just checked) is from Rev. Clarence Larkin’s book Rightly Dividing The Word is now in the public domain, as we would never want to infringe on his 1920 copyright.

From Rightly Dividing the Word: by Clarence Larkin
Chap. 26 Heaven and Hell

Did you ever stop to think of what happens to the Righteous Soul during the first five minutes after death? Before the funeral has been held, and the body laid away in the cemetery, nay, before the undertaker has been sent for, or the neighbors and relatives notified, or the shades drawn, or the silent watchers at the bedside have realized that you are dead you have been FIVE MINUTES out of the body and reached paradise and know where you are to spend eternity.

Now, what will our experiences be of those five minutes? 1) Our first experience will be that death was so easy. That it was like falling asleep and awaking in a beautiful world. That there was no “Valley of Death” with its hobgoblins, satyrs, and demons, to traverse, no “dark river” to cross, but that “Ministering Angels” were waiting to convoy us to Paradise as they carried Lazarus. Luke 16:22 Heb 1:13-14 What a delight it will be to meet our “Guardian Angel’, who has watched over us in our “earth life”, and who will not desert us in that supreme moment.

When we shall need a guide to conduct us to our “Heavenly Home” 2) Our second experience will be the consciousness that we have left behind our earthly body with all its weaknesses, sufferings, and limitations, and have a body that is absolutely well and fitted in every way for the spiritual realm in which it is to dwell. 3) Our third experience will be that we are being transported swiftly upward through the ethereal space toward a beautiful country whose radiance is brighter than the sun, and as we approach it see coming out to meet us and escort us home, groups of angels that sing “Blessed are they that do His Commandments, that they may have right to the Tree of Life, and may enter through the gates of the city.” Rev 22:14. 4) Our fourth experience will be that we are in a new environment whose atmosphere is LOVE. That there is no discord or lack of harmony in our new home, and that its chief characteristic is HOLINESS. 5) Our fifth experience will be the feeling that we are near Jesus. If we do not actually see Him, we shall have the consciousness of His nearness. 6) Our sixth experience will be that of meeting our loved ones. While the writer does not believe that our loved ones have any direct knowledge of what is going on on this earth, yet he believes that our “Guardian Angels” may communicate with our loved ones and inform them of our coming, and that they will be waiting to receive us. 7) Our seventh experience will be the meeting with the saints who have preceded us to glory, such as the patriarchs, prophets, apostles and Christian leaders of our own day. The experience named may not all happen in the first five minutes after death, but they doubtless will happen before our funeral service is over and our body laid to rest in the tomb.

Chart of the Heavens.

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