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has been the private domain of the big drug companies until now.
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It has been our observation that by damming up the bone and by stopping the osteoclasts from doing their normal job of constantly breaking down old bone, the bone is also accumulating toxic metals like strontium 90, (radioactive), lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and especially aluminum which can replace calcium and comes constantly, from things like Ice Blue Secret and baking powder. In light of the latest medical fiasco designed to prove that HRT(Hormone Replacement Therapy) was the answer. they of course found this attempt to rebuild bone to be untrue and not without dangers.

One of the discoveries that the "scientists" have not even heard of is mine. We found that 9 out of 10 of my patients were protein deficient. I found it using the investigative tools of Kinesiology and Electroacupuncture( EAV). Since we are then capable of reading the interface between Newtonian Physics,(The Physical Body) and Quantum Physics( The Etheric Body ) through the Meridian(Acupuncture)System (charted for over 7000 years) we are approximately 20 years ahead of orthodox mainstream health systems. As documentation grows this is allowed by the FTC and the FDA under the category of Emerging Science.

This unheralded discovery has enabled us to come up with the cures, repeat cures, of hypoglycemia, Degenerative Disk Disease(Back Pain, bursitis, arthritis etc.), Fibromyalgia, Viruses, Depression, and Osteoporosis. It was my personal observation that in the last ten years of my practice that with over 2000 patients - none of them on our nutritional regimen developed cancer. There could have been conceivably 1 out of 4 since they were all ages. I wish to make it clear that we DO NOT TREAT CANCER. That heart breaking job is not ours since we shine in preventing degenerative and infectious disease through simple but UNIQUE nutrition.

Armed with this discovery but disarmed-armed by the fact that few doctors on the planet can or will understand it, we have forged ahead helping now over a thousand persons with Fibromalgia. You can blame them for our tardiness in getting the Osteoporosis packages online, but it was an FM victim who precipitated us to finish the job for her 86 year old mother.

You see the common problem is protein/sulfur metabolism and we found the formula that reverses and prevents these alphabet soup diseases. It is our Platinum Essential Amino Acids formula, US patent 6,203,820, For. Patents Pending, It contains the perfect formula of amino acids to re-establish pancreatic digestion, mineral carriers (Calcium, Sodium, Phosphorus etc.) replenishes all of the body enzyme systems, boosts the immune system, and the neurotransmitters of the brain that we think with. We have been doing this for over twenty years. Frankly, when you are forty years ahead of your time you get knocks on the head.

Here it is in a nutshell. Every protein deficient person is calcium deficient in their tissues (NOT BLOOD). Every one of our treatment packages is headed up by Platinum Plus and restores the proper calcium balance. We have many cases of osteoporosis who normalized their bone density in the course of the------- other treatment programs. We have a small amount of documented cases. The persons who participate in our Osteoporosis Program are asked to participate in regular bone scans so that we make the FTC, the FDA, the AMA, the ACA, and Orthopedists around the World aware that proper nutritional supplementation (lacking organically grown food) is the BEST Answer. And that there is an answer.

To paraphrase from "The Orthopedic Bible" Orthopaedics Principles and Their Application, by Samuel L. Turek, M.D., Protein goes into the bone, calcium and phosphorus go into the bone. Protein comes out of the bone, calcium and phosphorus come out of the bone.

I hope that you will join and let us help you in this endeavor.
Brice E. Vickery, D.C.