Platinum Plus: A Balanced Blend

Dr. Brice E. Vickery
©2007 SuperNutrient Corporation

There are several different definitions of essential amino acids (EAAs) currently circulating, leading to various different lists of EAAs. The definition to which we subscribe at Supernutrient says that an EAA is one that the body either cannot make or cannot make enough of to meet physiological needs and therefore must be acquired from food. The small amounts of EAAs in Platinum Plus are not intended to meet these requirements, it is the particular balance of these EAAs in the formula that enable the body to produce adequate amounts of digestive enzymes to completely break down dietary protein so that the EAAs available in the food become usable to the body. The body can’t do much with a dietary peptide, it has to break it down completely into amino acids first. Occasionally there is concern over whether people will overdose on the EAAs in Platinum Plus. Truthfully, there is a greater chance of you overdosing on the amino acids in a piece of cheese than in a dose of Platinum Plus.

It is not the quantity in Platinum Plus that is the effector, but the balance.